The Aims of the Parent's Association
  1. To enable parents to play a meaningful role in supporting the aims and objectives of the school.
  2. To ensure parents are meaningfuly consulted in the development of relevant school policies.
  3. To ensure that parents, Board of Management, principal and staff work together to ensure the smooth operation of the school by adhering to agreed policies and procedures
  4. To enable parents to contribute to an enhanced learning environment for pupils.
  5. To ensure the work of the whole school community is at all times focused on the collective needs of all the children in the school.
  6. To identify and make available the skills and talents of individual parents that may be valuable to the school.

(Taken from A guide to best practice for the effective partnership between Principals and Parent Associations.
Published by National Parents Council Primary and Irish Primary Principals’ Network © 2010)

Our Parents' Association work very hard with the Principal and Board of Management to ensure that our services and standards are at optimum levels. To this end they lobby and advocate relevant agencies on behalf of the pupils and the school.
Regular meetings are held in the school and parent's attendance helps the association to achieve its goals.
Some fundraising activities are organised throughout the year to finance the activities of the association and to support the school.